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So, before we get into preventing dry hair, let us talk about hair texture. Natural, highly textured hair strands are curly and coily and so do not reflect light the same way straight hair can. This coily nature also makes it more difficult for your natural scalp oil (sebum) to travel from the scalp to the tips of your locs. As such, sisterlocks won’t ever look as glossy and shiny as your silk pressed hair would. That said, you CAN absolutely have healthy, moisturised locks.

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You are a queen and in this space, your headwrap is your crown. I share with you here a variety of ways to style your wrap, that you can add your own personal flair to make it your own. Not a headwrap wearer? Fear not! I also share some great styles that are NOT worn on the head! It is all about versatility and I promise it is not rocket science…with some practice and patience, you too will soon be a Headwrap Queen!

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Ethically produced, quality workmanship, colorful prints, great design…this is my signature style and my promise to you.