How I made lemonade with the lemons of 2020

One year ago, we went into lockdown- schools, shops and businesses closed, everyone shuttered at home. As I write this, a year later, we are in our third lockdown. We switched to teleworking and the kids started home schooling. Foolishly we thought it would just be a couple of weeks before life opened back up again. What actually happened is that I, for one, got furloughed at work. It was such a shock. After a couple of days I started looking at the situation really critically and that is when I started to see my silver lining emerge. Time.

My life had been so busy juggling my responsibilities as a mother of 3, wife, a full time job and my part time heart hustle, this business. Suddenly the job and business ended and I had time. On the financial front I realised -unlike so many people across the world- I was living in a country with a welfare system, so being furloughed meant I received unemployment benefit and not a slip into direct poverty. How many times in the years before that had I wished I had time and did not need to worry about money?

So, I launched myself into our new normal. We drew up a schedule for the kids to help them adjust to learning at home, with time built in for the outdoors, for family games, cooking and chores. I spent time with them without the looming pressure of work. We taught them how to play scrabble. I took long walks daily with my hubby and I cleaned the house from top to bottom. Yet still, I had more time.

One of the thing busyness does is rob you of the space and time to think.

So now I had time, I thought about my life and legacy and all the ways I was failing at living out my dreams by playing small and not taking chances. What I also realised, is that I needed help. Help to gain clarity on the path I wanted to take. To map out a strategy. Get my finances in order. Navigate the jungle that is social media and put in place the systems to manage and scale my small business. And so I embarked on a learning journey. Over the course of the year, I enrolled in a Business coaching lab, a Financial literacy programme, Instagram makeover course, YouTube mastery class, and a Content planning workshop.

A lot to take on yes, but it is teaching me the tools I need to work on my dreams. I rebranded my business and launched this beautiful website courtesy of the amazing Jessica Lynn. She was my branding coach and is an absolute guru for all things design and branding. I learnt the value of professional photography and make up with Tamiim Beauty. Filled my hair client list. Designed and launched a new headwrap collection and started blogging again!

So, despite the world being in a complete shambles, using my time to invest in myself meant my year was enriching, thought provoking and energising…and the journey continues.

The best investment you can make is in yourself- Warren Buffet.

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  1. Such an inspiring post! I enjoyed reading this! Pouring into myself is something I recently learnt because I always put others first and forgot about myself. I’ve learnt SO much during this period of the pandemic. Thank you for sharing this.

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