Look Book

Ethically produced, quality workmanship, colourful prints, great design…this is my signature style and my promise to you. Take a look at the current and past collections and be inspired!

Queendom Collection

We are all queens and for me, the original queen, the OQ, is my mother, Muthoni. She is the epitome of grace and is always effortlessly stylish. Growing up, she was my fist style icon and I really admired her dress sense. At 18, she taught me how to wrap my first headwrap and told me to hold my head up high and I have felt regal ever since. She is brave and bold and everything a queen is, so this collection is dedicated to Muthoni Namu, the Original Queen.

The geometrical prints of this Vlisco java fabric give a contemporary feel to an age old tradition of head wrapping. Choose from purplely pinks, bright blues, warm orangey hues and vivid red. And guess what? The wraps are reversible with a different colour on each side so you are getting two for the price of one 😉

The Makeba Collection

Named after the iconic Miriam Makeba, this Vlisco print has gained popularity over the years and become synonymous with African print. It goes by different names in different parts of the world…Dashiki, Angelina, Ya Mado. Malaika by Miriam Makeba is one of my favourite songs and so Makeba is the name of this print that rang true for me. 

The collection came in various bold colour options of the same print. Cobalt Blue, Mustard Yellow, Eggshell white, Jungle green, Fuschia and Burgundy. 

The Infinity Collection

Just two bold prints in this mini collection that were designed as part of a runway show that debuted at the 2017 Afrika Film festival in Leuven, Belgium. Rainbow on circles and blue on blue.

The Summer Wax Collection

Wax prints are known for their vibrancy and colour contrast and this was exactly what you got in the summer wax collection.

The Java collection

This was my first foray into Vlisco java prints which I absolutely adore. The collection was part of a mini collection designed for my graduation from my leather artistry class. The colours were chosen to match the suede leather belts and clutch bags. 

The Woodin Colour collection

This collection was a burst of colour and various prints from the Ghanaian Woodin brand.