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As a recovering hair product junkie, I know the struggle to find the right products for your hair while on your natural hair journey. Whittling down my overflowing shelves of haircare products to just 3 has been quite the task but I am so glad I have found the right products to maintain a simple hair routine.

Before getting my sisterlocks I tried out a range of haircare brands trying to find the right products fit for my hair profile (low porosity, kinky, coily). After getting my sisterlocks established, I switched exclusively to the sisterlocks brand of products. Now while they a great brand, designed for sisterlocks, availability became the problem. Living in Europe getting product shipped from the US meant huge shipping fees and customs duty and so once again I found myself scanning the haircare shelves for products. In my research, I came across the Almocado brand, a black,

woman owned business; creating handcrafted artisan products designed for curls, kinks and sisterlocks! The products are formulated to nurture, nourish, pamper and protect and believe me, ingredients matter! Annette, the Almocado founder is herself a sisterlocks consultant and so understands well the product profile required at every stage in the locking process. I tried out the products and was sold. So much so that I am now an Almocado stockist for the Benelux region to ensure you and I always have the right products on hand when we need them.  My 3 products are the Hibiscus shampoo, herbal hair masque and Cherry Vanilla moisturizing spritz.

So, with loose natural hair you need to consider your hair’s curl pattern, porosity (ability to absorb and retain moisture) and personal preference for fragrance. With sisterlocks, the considerations are slightly different.

Baby /Starter locs

Cleansing: In the early days, when you have just had your sisterlocks established and your hair has not yet locked up or matured, you need a gentle shampoo that clarifies, cleanses deeply and moisturises without causing slippage of the locs. The Almocado Stage 1 Seaweed shampoo does just that. With its winning combination of hardworking cleansers blended with seaweed extract, nourishing blue lupine seed extract, moisturising aloe vera and Vitamin B, it is excellent for baby locs and also wonderful as a gentle clarifying shampoo for all hair types. Why? Regular shampoos contain a host of ingredients designed to coat your hair strands to detangle them which for locs will mean unravelling when what you need is for your hair strands to interlock to kickstart the locking process.

Moisturising: Just plain water in a spray mist bottle. But what about oil I hear you say? Let’s debunk that myth right away. Water = moisture. Oils are used to seal in the moisture. Did you know your scalp produces its own oil in the form of sebum? It is all your scalp needs to stay healthy and moist but if you are coming from a lifetime of applying grease to your scalp you may need to give your scalp some time to adjust. So if you have a dry scalp, try spritzing with some good old H20.

Mature locs

Cleansing: With time your locs mature and settle and no longer unravel. At this stage you need a shampoo that deeply cleanses and simultaneously moisturises and conditions your hair. Why? Over time, your locs grow in length and can get dry and brittle, especially in the winter months and if you have had your hair coloured. The Almocado Stage 2 Pink Hibiscus flower is a great choice. With pink Hibiscus flower, organic Avocado oil and fresh Aloe Vera juice, combined with gentle cleansers and restorative vitamins this is a great moisturising, conditioning shampoo just for you.

Conditioning: A good hair masque is key to extra soft, supple locs, especially after colouring which can leave the ends of your hair damaged and dry. Try out the Almocado Avocado masque or Herbal Hair masque after your shampoo. Moisturising:  For daily care, an oil-free hydrating mist is perfect for adding a refreshing splash of proteins, herbs and moisture to Sisterlocks, or your natural hair while engaging your senses with fragrant aromas. The range of Almocado moisture mists are pH balanced to close the cuticles to prevent moisture loss, soothe the scalp and prevent itching. They come in 4 amazing scents. Cherry Vanilla (my favourite), Peppermint, Coconut and Sandalwood.

So there you have it…you CAN keep it simple by choosing products with the right ingredients for your hair.

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