Secrets to healthy hair: Scalp massage

I love a good massage but did you know that a scalp massage is essential to healthy hair? How you ask? Well research shows that gentle scalp massage;

  • Stimulates blood circulation to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss
  • Stretches the cells around the hair follicles which then stimulates the follicles to produce thicker hair
  • Helps loosen build up on the scalp if done while washing your hair
  • Fights dandruff by improving your scalp condition
  • Relieves stress and promotes well being

As a loose natural, daily brushing indirectly massages your scalp so if you wear sisterlocks and traditional locs introducing scalp massage is a great way to improve and maintain the health of your scalp and hair. So how do you give yourself a scalp massage? Using the tips of your finger (not you nails) gently rub your scalp in a circular motion with medium pressure for 5 to 10 minutes everyday, moving to cover all areas of your scalp. You can also use a scalp massage tool or get a friend/ partner to do it😉

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